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There are 2 versions of this series; the Hunan TV version which is shorter, more episodes and about 15 minutes ahead with possible more or lesser scene and the Uncut version which is longer per episode and is about 15 minutes slower. Uncut doesn't mean it is not censored. I am following the Uncut version, so all the videos for download and recaps are based on Uncut version. The subbers at Viki is also following the uncut version. Please take note of that.

All pictures are thumbnails, even if animated images so do click on them for the original size!
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I welcome comments, I welcome spoilers so post away. I mean I already know the ending!


28.10.15 Written by Funn Lim 16 Comments Post a comment
News and updates of general kind for this particular blog and for this particular series. Your general thoughts and ramblings are most welcomed. 

This is part 1 of the Official Still series. Part 1 is still being printed.

This is the one I like the least. Poor print quality despite HQ photos, exceedingly slow, side already peeled a bit and so much chemical smell. And the worst is the designer software where it was the hardest most difficult to use, hence you see some huge mistakes which I did not see in the proofs. But I love the quotes I chosen.

And so here is the final book before I close the chapters on this series, literally until some leaked videos show up again;





You will find all the deleted or censored scenes here. Censored is thanks to SARFT and deleted is thanks to whoever you think to blame; Hunan or Ciwen themselves. All these scenes may be restored for the DVD international version which is 4 episodes more than the current 50 episodes (uncut version) which you can download in this blog. Some are deleted I supposed for continuity, some because too risque, others to save time.

Ha! When attention died down suddenly a leak of VIDEOS of several key scenes. So can we have the HQG drinks blood from shifu's neck scene too? Also her rubbing his chest whilst on bed scene? Also on how Mo Yan died for her? Can?

Anyway here it is the collage;

1st part : Shifu sucks HQG's blood scene aka vampire kiss

2nd part : Extended scene of HQG seeing BZH's scar on his back

3rd part : HQG got drunk and BZH dragged her away and BZH lost control and kisses HQG up until before BZH cuts off the scar on his hand


The following are my various posts specifically on Bai Zihua, very photo centric and yes, a lot of love. Some spoilers may be revealed in here.

Sorry girls, Bai Zihua is not with Hua Qiangu in real life. Well to some this may be great news.

Huajae Company at Weibo which is indirectly Wallace's weibo account (he doesn't have one officially and the day he opens one is when aliens taken over him) issued an indirect denial on recent relationship rumours with whoever he is rumoured with, specifically Liying and all those so called exposes.

@ Huajaecompany: The one that Hua Ge is in love with is this, therefore he is now in a relationship with it. Others so called relationships are pure fiction. 

There you have it. He rarely issues any statements personally,  not even on the Viann "one night stand-third party-hotel trysts" rumours. Usually it is Huajae Company that does it and even they're  not quite actively denying. Anyway he is now into cycling it seems. I am however not sure that IS his bicycle though.


The following are pictures of the final scene of the final episode where I hated it for reasons leading up to this scene and not the scene itself.

 With the song "Couldn't Say" as background song, possibly the worst song to depict a happy ending.

UPDATES - 11.09.2015
What should have been the ultimate happy ending is the following lovely quote taken from one of the many epilogues translated by Sarafina of SPCNET Forums;

师父,我们回去吧,长留山还有大家和我一样需要你。绝情殿有我人生中最美好的记忆,我很想念那个地方。而 且好不容易找回了一切,我想和大家分分秒秒都在一起,不想分开太远。最重要的是,我想成为对师父而言最重要 的人,但不是一切。师祖对你的嘱托,你对长留和众生的责任,这些都是不能推脱也不能被辜负的,不要因为我而 离开放弃。长留是师父的家,是师父的根,也曾经是师父的全部,过去的日子师父虽然也是一个人,但是从来都不 会觉得孤独,那是因为你有要做的事。可是在云山的这些年,你却没有一天真正快乐过。我知道师父一直挂心着这 里的,不然你不会选择到长留山海底来借安眠逃避。师父,我们回去吧,爱与大义是可以两全的。小骨想知道今年 绝情殿的桃花开得好不好……

Teacher, let's return (to Chang Liu). Both Chang Liu and I need you. My fondest memories are there.... I want to become Teacher's most important person but not everything. You have your responsibilities to Chang Liu, to your teacher, to the world. You cannot forsake them all for me. Chang Liu is your home and your roots. Even though I was alone with you on Yun Mountain for so many years [Note: when she was still retarded from her incomplete reincarnation and had BZH all to herself], you've never been truly happy. I know your heart is still with Chang Liu. So let us return. Love and righteousness can co-exist.

One supposes that Changliu by that time changed from Catholicism to Protestantism


8.9.15 Written by Funn Lim 5 Comments Post a comment
Reposted from SPCNET Forums where I raved and ranted.

Please don't remind me.. heart sick.. I've ranted, I've angered, I am sure even the directors have ranted and angered over executive decisions and abandoned this to the outer forces.

It is just a great series butchered. If it was a bad series, fine, but sigh....

In retrospect, I will just say this. It should have been 70 episodes. It should not have been broadcast over HUnan. The statistics isn't helping. I hated the ending, I don't get the flying in the night. I don't see why it is a happy ending as BZH lives in fear she will remember the past. BUT the last scene before her death, she cursed him out of love, but it has no effect since like an angry woman rant rather than proper curse, she said what she said out of regret with a tinge of hope but in the end she said it out of frustration. She still loved him no matter what. The dialogue seems intact in her death scene. 

What I hate is BZH saying he was wrong lar, he regretted lar.. because ever notice even at the end, he never did say out he loved her. In the end he maintained a shifu/disciple platonic albeit lots of touching relationship with her. In the end it went back to square one. But because this HQG is simple minded (faculties not all there) it is easier to deal with. That is not a happy ending. So to be happy a woman needs to be less smart because expect too much will only hurt you.

As for BZH, I feel sad for this dude. I love him, he felt so real, and it hurts that last  episodes or so he is reduced to a crybaby. He doesn;t deal with emotions well, he is better off without it. Yeah suddenly he is in love. I take an alt interpretation. THe scar hurts because he feels sexual desire. I don't see it hurting before he tongue kissed her on the bed (censored of course so according to this series BZH just went down on his knees and sobbed hard because of nothing). The editing makes it all so terrible and trivial. But the characterisation doesn't convince me he ever truly really in love with her. It is more like deep regret, much like MXL and Qingshui of course the series meant otherwise. I hate how a great BZH is reduced to nothing and fans are rejoicing at this "happy" ending when I see it as the ultimate sad ending. I now understand how Mo Yan feels. I also see SXM's point who is the true BZH. BZH is fake BZH.

Poor MXL. Poor poor MXL and how come Qingshui is insane? Why make her insane? Is this her just dessert for one mistake? So NMT had it easy. I don't get NMT and never will and I hate how the series is trying to paint her. Her so called DFYQ punishment.. where? Can't see it. Back to Qingshui, she doesn't deserve this end.

HQG had it easy doesn't she? In the end she got what she wanted. She went back to the way things were. Unfortunately the price was too big for that. I hated how even to the end she is trying to force BZH to admit to whatever she wants him to admit and then forces him to kill her so he will remember her for the rest of his miserable life.

This series tones down on the book's suffering, correct? I love the acting, I love the costumes, I love the idea, I love the individual characters but I dislike the story, I dislike the narrative and I HATE the editing.

In the end story wise, I am never convinced by BZH's love or HQG's attitude towards love. This is not a love story. The book may be about obsession but the series tells me love kills, love destroys, love doesn't giveth, it taketh and in the end screw the world, because as long we have each other, the others' sacrifice is of no significance. All these thanks to the stupid editing. I am sure the original series would have made the story a more beautiful one.

Because of this editing, DFYQ has just resurrected himself and said "Boy was I glad I died before all the nonsense".

I have never seen a series' story butchered the way this was.  Never. Now I know. Ciwen should have refused all promotion for this version or even broadcast it. But for practicality sake, they can't. It pains me, pains me so deeply.

Performance wise, Liying impresses until her HQG had a reboot. Everybody else impresses. Ma Ke was impressive, a breakout star but my special place in my heart is Wallace. His best performance todate and he spent most of the time sick or dying or puking blood or crying hard. Most expressive I have seen him when he started without much expression.

Like one of the post said, the problem is FGG painted such a perfect picture of BZH in the beginning, same as was this series and so his descend to being a mere mortal is in the end the most disappointing aspect. This series does not celebrate love; if anything it is a cautionary tale against love and against being too dead set on anything. Be like SXM. He is the perfect immortal, without hate, without prejudice, without love, without anger, without pain, all 100% compassion. He should attain his 10th level soon if he can detach from his inability to commit to anything.

UPDATES - 10.09.2015
I have calmed down and then see loads of leaked pictures and I am caught up again and after some thought I came to the following conclusion;

I remember the fated calamity is meant to bring the downfall of the one who meets the fated calamity. In a way it came true. At the end he is no longer Bai Zihua. He was a simple mortal like man controlled by his emotions and love and fear for HQG. He is no longer seeing beyond their small house and has in effect turned his back from the world preferring a quiet life with a woman he loves and yet won't marry and prefer to maintain the way things were back to square one. So in a way, he has his downfall except he is willing to have that downfall. Is he happier? I am not quite sure. Well she is.

I am sorry if I sound sorta bitter. The author has invested years and her love and imagination to these character, I just invested approx 50 hours of my time and attention towards the characters. The more I remember, the more I see the full picture, the more I wonder do I really love this series as in genuine love? Because when I heard about the book, I disliked the story. I felt it was such a punishing story that has no rewards. But as things were explained and I see this series toning things a bit down in terms of characterisation, I love it until the editing got to me and in the end I see the 2nd act of the 1st broadcast version as the worst representation of the story by author and the 3rd act, the ending nailed the coffin for me. I fail to see how it is a romantic nor happy ending nor do I see as a whole how this is a story about sacrifice and love. All I see is a story with a serious problem; it can't stop being tragic for tragic sake and it doesn't help that the editing left a lot of questions unanswered. A proper director's cut will address all that issues. This series is capable of bettering the book's contents; winding down on the creepiness and all that. But what I can't stand is from the book to the series, almost everyone is putting HQG's suffering on BZH. I feel this is the author's weakest point. She loved BZH and yet the things she wrote gave people a different perspective. There are many ways to bring downfall to someone but the way BZH spectacularly fell to earth because of love and everyone celebrating that to me is the view of a young person. Disappointingly the series did not make the adjustment in that area. Wallace was right; in his interview he said BZH's love requires a certain level of maturity to see but unfortunately the series went along the teenager view and made it so darn obvious.

I thought Chinese Paladin III's ending was poignant and much more beautiful in a story about 2 people where fated to be together but destined to be apart.

In short I am just really really really angry that my BZH is destroyed. And I blame HQG.


8.9.15 Written by Funn Lim 14 Comments Post a comment
The video I posted in Peek Into Future Episode is the ending but that is just a small part of it. My feelings on the ending as posted in various forums and I won't mince my words;

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a great episode killed by haphazard cutting and censor. Makes no sense, no continuity. It is as if even the director just say to hell with it, cut it all and put them all into dvd.

Help! I wanna cry! I wanna cry at the butchery! I wanna cry at the rubbish ending! It should have stopped at her death. It had everything! Everything! but the curse seems more like an angry woman rant. No effect whatsoever. And suddenly the last act, I feel like as a viewer and a fan I just got slapped. Just piece whatever rubbish together and there it is a happy ending. TAke it! TAKE IT!

What did I just watched?

At least MXL and Qingshui made sense even if very sad.

Oh and he went insane off camera!

I feel like I wasted 58/50 hours of my time. Fantastic acting but the cutting, it is the decision of the filmmaker and as if they too gave up.

Worst treated series. Worst.

Forgive my language, I feel like crying. I feel like WTH did I just watched? Can't they even show how Mo Yan sacrificed himself? What the hell happened? The story should have stopped at her death where she cursed him out of love, she regretted  and she died. Apparently he went insane (cut), Mo Yan sacrificed himself to revive HQG (cut), stupid amnesia.

What on earth did I just wasted my 1 hour for? The ending where she died was beautiful. That should be the ending. And then it went on. And it became a joke. I am sure the 4 episodes extra probably addressed all these but seriously,

WHAT DID I JUST WATCHED? And what a sordid relationship. In the eyes of the world he is her shifu and there they were, intimate. I don't get it. The one that makes sense is Qingshui and MXL and that was a sad one.

It is not Hunan. It is the filmmakers who did the cutting in the end. SARFT gave the guidelines. Hunan gave the conditions. I believe it is so.

Last 10 min was god awful because it made no sense. He used Mingsheng Sword and yet the story did not operate within its own integrity. I wished it ended with her death. It had all the elements, all the dialogue. Let it be a beautiful sad ending but it went on to a happy ending stuffed down our throats. I feel insulted. A beautiful production with amazing acting but the editing is beyond appalling. It is an insult to my intelligence and it all began after shifu got cured from his poison.
And it is to me Wallace Huo's best performance, it had everything but in the end he was reduced to crying crying crying. Is this love? Because if it is, I don't want this sort of love. And it is so weird she calls him Shifu, he treats her like disciple but their hug was intimate. So this is role playing now? Wait till they have sex!

I don't like how my beautiful strong Bai Zihua is reduced into a heap of emotional mess of a man having PMS all the time. What I do appreciate is HQG cursed him out of love but the cursing had zero effect. It was like a angry rant of a dying woman, a woman so keen on having the man scream I LOVE YOU to the world. It never showed Mo Yan's sacrifice, suddenly there's SQM speaking beyond the grave, SCQ suddenly is the leader of 7 Murder Faction Sect and suddenly it seems like what a happy chirpy world it is. It is utter rubbish editing.

Give me the proper cut!!

Seriously, I feel like crying. I really do but not for the right reasons. I won't curse the directors, they filmed an amazing amount of footage. I don't blame the censorship, because SARFT is SARFT, you work within the guidelines. Hunan maybe if they're the executive decisions. Yes in the end it had to be a combination of all these. I see this series has the series with the worst treatment and I still don't get why and my only guess is

1. Yuzheng rubbish series is next and so hunan is pushing HQG away to be on time

2. the filmmakers have given up the fight with the executives with happy scissors and just wanna finish with this version so they can move on to proper version and DVD release and I hate them for it.

3. In the end for the producers, it is all about the money. Because I don't believe for one second SARFT has banned ALL kissing scenes, ALL hugging scenes, ALL good sense in any script scenes, ALL continuity scenes, etc etc.

I am very angry. The DVD better make up for this humiliation!

And I agree with what this fan said of how the series mistreated BZH after his poisoned state;

I know some readers felt that the ending was a happy one in that Bai Zi Hua finally realised his love for Hua Qian Gu and gave up everything to be with her and to “atone” for his “wriong choices”.

But to me, the author has painted Bai Zi Hua’s image so successfully as the ultimate immortal – he is aloof because he has seen so much of life that all emotions, pains, happiness, even lives themselves are transient, he shoulders the responsibility for maintaining the delicate balance among each world (mortal, immortal, demons, ghosts, spirits) because he has the ability and was entrusted by his teacher to take on that role.

And I felt that that was what Hua Qian Gu saw in him. She loved the Bai Zi Hua who cared for the world more than for himself.

But in the end, her love for him forced him to become another person.

A series of unfortunate circumstances pushed Hua Qian Gu towards selfishness, and also made Bai ZI Hua a selfish person. Not that I’m against selfishness in love, but at least for Bai Zi Hua, his name equates selflessness so it felt like the very defining quality in him was gone.

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